Drone Videography & Photography

Drone Services in Berks County

Looking for a FAA licensed drone pilot to take your next project to new heights? Look no further. AM Creative provides drone services to Berks County and the surrounding region. Our drones are able to take crisp 4k video, panoramic and 360 degree views, and gorgeous high resolution images.

Our pilot just also happens to be a Final Cut Pro whiz as well. Services can include video editing and custom video creation. Tell us your vision and let us make it a reality!

Whether you need stunning photos from the air or professional movie quality shots; get in touch with us for a custom quote for your project.

    Historic Preservation

    Our specialty is historic preservation and high-end real estate. Our pilot, who also is a historian, has an eye for details and loves capturing intricacies of facade work and 20th century design. Have a historic property and want it documented for your own collection? Interested in selling and want great shots to promote your listing? What ever the reason, Give us a call!