Category: Design

  • Baby Shower Invite Design

    Invite design created for my baby shower coming up in a couple weeks. My nursery theme is owls.

  • Welcome to!

    We have just launched our brand new website! Same company, same quality service, new mobile-responsive design! Browse the new digs to learn a little more about the services we provide. If you have worked with us before, we would greatly appreciate you leaving us a review on Facebook and/or Google.

  • Wedding Memorabilia Box

    I know most my content has been wedding-related recently, but there’s so much creative stuff to show! I had been wanting to get some sort of box to hold our of our wedding memorabilia. It’s nice to have everything in one place, so we can easily reminisce in the future or have it all handy…

  • A Designer’s Wedding

    Well I’ve been married a little over a month now, so I thought it was about time I shared the things I made for my own big day. The list of possibilities are endless for DIY weddings, but I had to reign it in at invitations, bulletins, a website, favors, and corn-hole. Check out the…

  • Creating DIY Cornhole

    Well its officially 1 month before my wedding day, and my Fiance and I had been planning on creating DIY cornhole bean bag toss games for our guests to enjoy during cocktail hour and the reception. We finally tackled that project this past weekend, and it sure was time consuming! See a few pictures of…

  • E&S Plumbing Logo

    Brand Identity created for a plumbing company.  

  • Flash Friday: A Rejected Identity

    Happy beautiful Friday: it’s 75 degrees in February, surely can’t complain about that. Ending the week with some branding identity. The client didn’t end up going with this one, but I’m a fan of it, so I thought I would show it off anyway.

  • Logo Design for Berks Referral Group

    This logo was created for a new local referral group with two options for use. Stand alone or negative space version within the a vector of the County in which this group operates.

  • 2016, A Year in Review

    As the last few days of the year are winding down, it’s always a good time for some reflection on the past 12 months and the projects I’ve completed during them. Below are a few of my favorites: KSTG Website Website created for transportation company. Above Standard Tile Logo Development Sometimes the coolest projects you…

  • A New Old Chair

    Every kid grew up with that chair. You know, when you walked home from school and slung off your backpack; the one you plopped down into and watched the 4pm episode of Gilmore Girls on. The one you stayed up until the wee hours playing Spyro The Dragon on PS1 in. The one that was directly…