Category: Branding

  • Freyman Farms Identity Design

    My husband and I live on 3 and a half acres that we affectionately named “Freyman Farms”. Last year he had the idea to pick up pinecones that had fallen from the copious amount of Eastern White Pine trees we have on our property. His plan was to sell them online to people who use…

  • E&S Plumbing Logo

    Brand Identity created for a plumbing company.  

  • Flash Friday: A Rejected Identity

    Happy beautiful Friday: it’s 75 degrees in February, surely can’t complain about that. Ending the week with some branding identity. The client didn’t end up going with this one, but I’m a fan of it, so I thought I would show it off anyway.

  • Logo Design for Berks Referral Group

    This logo was created for a new local referral group with two options for use. Stand alone or negative space version within the a vector of the County in which this group operates.

  • 2016, A Year in Review

    As the last few days of the year are winding down, it’s always a good time for some reflection on the past 12 months and the projects I’ve completed during them. Below are a few of my favorites: KSTG Website Website created for transportation company. Above Standard Tile Logo Development Sometimes the coolest projects you…

  • New Logo Development

    Another few months have gone by. I’ve been busy working on a few new projects, including a couple logo designs that I want to share today! First up, a brand new start-up company that creates awesome pieces of decorated metals. The client in this case knew pretty much exactly what they wanted. I just had…

  • AM Creative has rebranded!

      The year is almost over, time for some big changes! It was time to do away with my freshly out of school branding design and create a brand identity that better suits my current and future business. A little older, a little wiser, I might add. 🙂 I’ve been toying with this AM type idea…