Time to Jump in!

Alrighty, I’ve had this thing for close to a year now.
I’m sorry I’ve been neglecting you, blog.

I’m a year wiser, with a little bit more experience than the fresh faced
graduate who posted last. I’m committed this time, I promise! Let’s start
off by figuring out how to start and run a successful blog! So where do we go?
pshh Wiki of course!


Ask yourself what you love, care about or wish to share with others.

Number 1! (and the only number I’ll cover)
Well this is my design website, so I guess I should talk about
design related stuff…….right? A place to share inspiration, successes,
failures and all things design. An outlet, when nobody else wants to
hear about how terrible the kerning is on that burger joint’s sign.

I am passionate about making great looking things. I like to laugh. A lot.
I really think its the only way to stay sane in this crazy world. I hope for
this to be an outlet for both of those things.

So…here’s to the beginning of something. I’m not sure what exactly that
something is quite is yet, but it’s something.


Seriously though, kerning matters, folks.



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